Facial San Francisco

Facial San Francisco is the premiere spa offering European style facials and massages. People ask us what the difference is between European vs. American vs. other facials. European facials are more natural for the skin, using natural ingredients like avocado and lemon. American facials generally tend to focus on western medicine and more pharmaceutical procedures, like dermabrasion and scrubbing.

European facials originate from the spas in Russia, who originally use different ingredients in the colder weather. Because their plan extracts are different too from those of North America, their ingredients work in a more natural manner. European facials are soft, when carefully delivered.

You can get facials in San Francisco at big spas or smaller ones. Bigger spas tend to have better environments and more space, however their customer focus is more generic and less customized. At a smaller spa, you get individual, one on one attention from the spa owner and esthesticians. Smaller spas generally cost less too, because they have less overhead to cover, although this depends on the owner.

San Francisco Facials should be customized to the San Francisco weather. Colder, dry and clean air runs through the city. The facial should not be customized to, say a Miami or San Diego climate. The facial should be with drier toner, and moisturize often because of the told winds.

When getting a facial in San Francisco, be sure to ask your esthetician how much experience he has before, and how to customize to your skin. A good skin care specialist should take into consideration your skin color, texture, ethnicity, dryness, oiliness, irritation threshold, and how acne prone you are. Esthesticians should also ask if you have previous medication like Accutane or other anti-biotics to help reduce break outs. A full brief skin history should be assessed before conducting any kind of facial extractions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment of contact us at Facial San Francisco.